Moving Back to Alaska for the New Year!

Just wanted to update those still following ThumbsOut. I will be moving back to Alaska from Wisconsin as soon as the 1st of January, 2013. I am excited to announce this as it has enabled me to fulfill a huge goal of mine. I will be working for a Design Agency in Anchorage, and will continue to work on the ThumbsOut project over the winter, and through the next year.

When will I finish the Documentary?

I get this question a lot, and this is still up in the air because I have to work on this project on the side while I build my own funding. I am hoping to finish this by the Spring of 2014, as I will continue to gather footage, follow up on connections made, and continue to edit.

Keep following because I will continue to post photos, video, and information from the trip and my current times in Alaska. Follow my Facebook page for even more updates at this link ThumbsOut on Facebook

Thank you,

Ryan Kedzie

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